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What I Do

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I am a writer, educator, and speaker. With my life lessons, career experience, and education, I am aim to financially empower both adults and children in every way I can.

The Financial Educator

I create financial classes and resources for both adults and children.  You can utilize our classes and resources tohelp build your finances on your own, or you can schedule a private sessions where we work to build your financial plan together.

The Published Writer

I teach financial education, and I also write about it. I am a financial journalist for Black Enterprise, Essence, and Forbes. I share my thoughts and ideas with the world on a monthly basis.

The International Speaker

I travel the word as a public speaker.  I have been on panels, keynote speaking platforms, and more.  I love to talk about my journey as an entrepreneur and ways we all can begin building wealth.

Why Work With Ashley

With over 10 years of experience in the financial industry, Ashley helps her clients learn how to


Help you find ways to better save while using the best savings accounts

Plan for Retirement

Help you not only plan for the long term, but also for the short term. Why wait until 65 to retire, when you can be financially free sooner?

Pay Down Debt

Help you manage your debt, and build a debt pay down plan that you can work through


Help you learn the basics to investing. Learn what accounts to use, how to research different types of investments, and more

Invest & Save for Your Children

Help you build wealth for, not only you, but also your children. Let’s start putting your family in a better financial position. Generational Wealth is key!

Develop your new Business

Help you transition out of your job to entrepreneurship. Let’s begin building a financial plan, so that you can build your business

Ashley now has over 200 clients (age 3-85) throughout the United States. This award-winning financial advisor has, collectively, helped her clients save and invest over $1.5mm!

At age 25, Ashley was highlighted as one if the Top 500 Financial Leaders in United States by Business & Finance Magazine. She has also been namedone of the Top 5 Personal Producers and Personal Builders for 3 years straight by Transamerica Financial Advisors


Client Meetings

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Marissa & Derek Still

When I first saw Ashley speak at an event I was vending for, I was enthralled. Her passion and knowledge thoroughly impressed me and I immediately went to her with a request to meet with her one on one. At the time, Ashley did not know that I was over 20k in credit card debt, going into foreclosure on my home, and barely surviving on our family’s income. She also did not know that I had a dream to own a new home and be debt free.
Ashley was professional and knowledgeable at our first meeting. She was detailed in her approach and laid out such a clear agenda for us to climb our way out of debt. Two years later, we not only paid of 20k in personal debt, but we saved our existing home AND built a brand new home which we move into THIS WEEKEND.
Ashley- I can’t thank you enough for all you did to show us the ropes. We are more careful with our spending, smart about our investments, we have a better life insurance policy and we have hope for our future. We look forward to continuing to work with you to now make our income work for us for long term!

India Clark

Ashley and I were classmates at Howard University so I’ve always been impressed with her passion for finance. Prior to working with Ashley, I thought I had a good hold on my personal finances and didn’t really need any outside help. I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and I’ve been managing my personal finances since I was a teenager; however, I reached out to Ashley in late 2014 for support and I am very happy I did. Although I had a good foundation on how to manage my personal finances, I’ve changed the way I think about money and I owe this shifting of my mindset to Ashley. Ashley has coached me through developing various financial strategies, including debt reduction, saving, and investing. I’m so pumped up about money these days- I know I can accomplish my financial goals if I stay disciplined and keep Ashley around! Thank you Ashley for your sound advice and for keeping me accountable.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to get your finances in order? Work with Ashley to build your own custom financial plan. Ashley will help walk through your personal finances, build a budget, build a savings plan, learn how to invest and more. Or if you’d just like to specifically learn how to invest , schedule a private investment session . Ashley teaches beginners everything they need to know when it comes to investing on your own.

Soon after Ashley became a financial advisor, she realized that the problem in our community wasn’t just implementation, it was EDUCATION. Not only did Ashley want to help people get investments, she also wanted to teach them the basic fundamentals to ALL financial literacy concepts. She hadvisions of owning a school that focused on financial education, and that is exactly what she set out to create. An institute that financially educates both adults AND children also known as EMPIFY!

Founded in 2013, Empify (the merging of the words EMPower and modIFY) was created to change the way people perceive themselves and the role of money in their lives. Empify pours belief back into communities through financial education, inspiration, and implementation. Partnering with organizations, schools and universities, Empify shift the conversation from lack of money to abundance. The fundamental principle is to educate, empower, and modify the mindset of every individual inspiring them achieve career, life, and financial success. Empify focuses on the creation of life-altering curricula, informative digital content and interactive events curated to teach the basics of financial literacy.

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