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I’m Ashley!

A financial education specialist, writer, speaker, and a woman with an unstoppable ambition! I quit my six-figure Wall Street to career to financially educate and empower those Wall Street does not target. I am dedicated to helping you push through all your mental and financial barriers so that you can build wealth.

Through passion and purpose, I am here to provide you with the financial guidance and the motivation needed to achieve the inevitable. With my financial expertise and life lessons, and I am devoted to sharing my thoughts, resources, and inspiration to help pull out the inner greatness within you.

It’s not my work life, it’s my life’s work.

It’s time to start learning, step-by-step, how to build wealth.

Despite the mistakes you’ve made in the past, you deserve to learn how to properly grow your money. However, all the financial resources out there seem to be too expensive or way too complicated to understand. Learning how to manage, save, and invest your money isn’t easy, but it is POSSIBLE. It’s time to change the trajectory of your family & learn how to build wealth. Now is the time to grow your mindset and financially take care of YOU!

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Contributing Writer

I have been blessed to be a Contributing Writer for Black Enterprise and Essence in the past. Now, over the past year, I have been expanding my wealth building message as a Contributing Writer for Forbes. In an empowering and simple-to-understand way, I help individuals grow mentally so that they can excel financially. With encouraging ideas, helpful stories and insight from both myself and impactful men and women, individuals will realize that true wealth can be obtained by all people!

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